Alucard Complete Guide: Master Alucard in minutes 🎮

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Isang kumpletong Pag tuturo para sa mga mag sisimulang maglaro bilang si Alucard
A complete guide for those who start playing as Alucard
this basic Tutorial/Guide is helpful for those who are new to game.
I m not working on Advanced Tutorial yet, because Knowing the basic is help you to improve your more team work and Push for match.

Here is Good Build for Alucard in order
Warrior Boots► 22 Defence + 40 Movement SPD
Corrosion Scythe► Slow Down Enemy + ATK SPD +50 Damage
Haas’s Claw► 15% Lifesteal
Blade of Despair► +170 Damage
Wing of Apocalypse Queen► +1000HP, Lifesteal if HP Below 40%
Blade of Heptaseas► +75 ATK, +300 HP. Lower Enemy Defence 25

Thanks for Watching.

Music► Unity 515- Mobile Legends
Game ► Mobile Legends (2016)
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