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Hi guys. Finally release my first montage. It’s a little bit scratchy though. First I want to thank Anthony Bong my friend for helping me with the intro and outro. I also want to thank unXpected for helping and teaching me with my montage. Some of the clips are from classic and some from rank. I’m short on storage and that is why you can see a little scratch. I just record 5 games and put it in the montage. I just hope you guys enjoy it. Leave some feedbacks/comment so that I can improve myself. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share the video. On your post notification too. Thanks for supporting me guys. Love you guys so much😁👍❤

Title of the song: Homes
Artist: Divine By Night
Thanks to Divine By Night for letting me use their songs. Do visit their page and subscribe their channel.

Intro and Outro done by: Anthony Bong

Mentor: unXpected
He is the God of Chou so be sure to see great montages from him.

Special thanks to everybody that have played with me especially my friends and thanks also to everybody that have encountered me all this time.


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