Chou VS NEW HERO XAVIER! Chou SATISFYING Montage- Mobile Legends


Watch until this Chou best highlights to know if I will survive or not? In this video, I will be showing Chou best montage/highlgihts/moments witth the new hero in Mobile Legends Xavie. Don’t forget to Subscribe if you want more videos like this!

MLBB Xavier and MLBB Forsaken Light
Intro- 0:00
Chou Montage 0:17
Outro- 8:32

This Channel is all about Gaming Content in Mobile Legends. You will see gaming montages, gameplays, tutorials, builds, and more! I am a small YouTuber who wants to become Successful someday so if you want to be a part of my journey just hit that Subscribe Button Thank You❤️❤️❤️

My Chou Playlist:

What is your ML ID?
-My ID is 466092161

What is your highest rank?
-My highest rank is Mythical Glory (800+ pts)

What is your favorite role in Mobile Legends?
-I usually use offlane or fighter heroes like Chou, Yu Zhong, X.Borg, and Esmeralda.

Where do I live?
-I live in the Philippines❤️

What is your Mobile Phone?📲
-I use Realme 6 Device

What screen recording do you use?🎥
-I use my built-in phone screen recording

When do you upload new content videos?🗓️
-I upload videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

What do you use in Editing or Making Thumbnails?✏️
-I use Photoshop CC 2021 as my Thumbnail editor

What is your Editing Software?✏️
-I’m currently using Premiere Pro CC 2021

See you in the next VIDEO BYE 👋👋👋

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