Fanny Batman X Roger Mode 2 Retri | mobile legends | FANNY BATMAN

Here’s a Basic/Advance Fanny Batman video for players who are still learning how to play fanny & how to practice her. I am not a pro or global fanny & she’s not my all time played hero but i have came across the tough learning journey and now i am sharing these info to you to help & make your practice more enjoyable and easier! If you find this video helpful, please support the channel and i’ll be happy & motivated to serve you more! Subscribe ✔️ Like

Hello I am GUNTARA GAMING, Former Supreme FANNY/HAYABUSA/SELENA/GUSION & All Role Player. I just started creating videos or contents in Youtube recently. My contents are mostly about Junglers/MM because I love to play them & also want to share how to win using these roles. There will be Tutorials, Gameplays & Montages that I post in this channel for you guys. I hope you guys enjoy!

I am mainly a Solo Player & i want to help & share all Info Tips & Tricks as much as i can to you guys. Any comments and subscribers will motivate me to keep sharing more & more useful guides. Help me grow this channel & i will not disappoint you guys! Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it. God bless everyone!

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