Here is the link for the low-cost cosplay event in Mobile Legends:

So we have a bunch of new events in the original and advance server.

First is the the “Destination: Land of Dawn” event in original server.
It will guess where you are from by asking your gender.
So let’s pick male here.
And I’m from the Moniyan Empire and it says I’ll never abandon my “long sword”.
If you share the result you will get an Empire Chevalier Medal which you can send to your friends.
I think it will increase their charisma points.

Next event is the 515 Wishing Wall.
You can get one these prizes by using 1,200 tickets from the 515 and you’ll get your prize on May 16.
Remember this will cost you 1,200 tickets.
If you don’t like the prizes, I’d suggest you save your tickets for the recall effect in the 515 area.

Next one is this event where you can get free 515 tickets based on your luck.
So I’m gonna claim mine and I got…

Now let’s move on to the advance server.
There is a new bingo event where you need to complete tasks to win prizes.
Shade 4 spots in a horizontal or vertical line and the prize will be unlocked.
Shade all the spots and you’ll get Nana’s Double Kawaii battle mote.
Most of the prizes are trial cards except for Nana’s battle emote.

Next event is the Team Treasure Hunt where you can get Lancelot’s epic skin if you have friends…
You need to team up with your friends and play games to collect points.
These are the different skins you can get.
Higher points mean better skins.
Event will start on May 7 and on May 14 you can start collecting your prizes.
You need to stick with your team because once you leave there is a cooldown of 2 days before you can join another team.

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