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So in this video I’ll show how you can clear the blue buff in 4 seconds using Selena.
Many pro Selena users probably already know this so this video goes out to the Selena beginners.

Right at the start of the game, you’d want to transform immediately using your ultimate while moving this way.
Then once the cooldown is finish, use your ultimate again.
We are using the ultimate for you to gain extra movement speed.
Next is to plant your trap right here and then use ultimate again to refresh the cooldown.
Go back to elf form and plant your trap right here.
This time, don’t use your ultimate.
Just wait for the cooldown of your 1st skill.
Once it’s ready, plant your last trap right here
And then transform into abyssal form.
Activate your 1st skill to start the cooldown so that you can use it two times.
You should be far from the small creep because you need to hit the big creep first.
They will appear after 30 seconds in the game.
Once they appear, use basic attack and then activate your first skill again.
Use Retribution after the small creep has disappeared.
And there you go.
You got yourself a buff after 4 seconds.

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