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Hey Guys, in this video i will teach how i use lunox in ML. Ill teach you her passive,skills,emblem,spell,items,etc. If you like this video dont forget to leave a like,comment,and subscribe and also dont forget to click the notification bell for more hero tutorials like this.

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Q: What are your main heroes?
A: My mains are Lunox,Lesley,Odette
Q: What is your favorite hero?
A: Lunox
F: Why Lunox is your fav. hero?
A: Cuz she’s a fun and versatile hero to play
Q: What’s your gender?
A: Male
Q: Where do you live?
A: I live in Philippines
Q: Can I add you?
A: Sure no problem here’s my ID:114050338
Q: What’s my nationality?
A: Filipino
Q: What’s your favorite skin?
A: Epic Skin of Lunox

Here’s the art that i’d use here:

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Thank you so much guys for watching the video see you on the next one 🙂


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