HOW to use Proper CHOU KICK + ULTI | When ? Where ? | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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Hey Guys 😁 !

Chou is a fighter that never runs out of meta, his CC , his tanky ability, his immunity always comes handy & can change the outcome of gank, Sometimes he gets banned, sometimes he is first pick.

We know he truly is King of Fighters,

In this video I’ve shown how to use chou, his combos, his laning partner , etc

In this Video –

Emblem Configuration
Chou Equipment build
Recommended spell
Skills Explanation
Passive Explanation
How to gank
Pairing Hero

Intro- Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

  1. Damon Empero ft Veronica – Vacation

  2. Eclipse [NCS Release]

  3. TheFatRat – Fly Away ft. Anjulie

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