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When Yu Zhong deals damage, he gains SHA Essence. I will call it as Mana for easier understanding.

When his Mana bar is filled, the color changes to violet and he gains 40% movement and 20% Spell vamp buff. This buff only lasts till the violet Mana runs out.

You can attack targets to extend the buff duration. When he attacks a target he applies SHA Residue on them.

I will just call it as “Passive stack” in this Post. When this passive reaches 5 stacks it deals continuous damage to enemy and regens HP and Mana to Yu Zhong.

This passive cannot be triggered on Minion/Monsters.

This skill deals physical damage to all enemies around him. Targets in the inner circle receive 1 passive stack and takes low damage.

Targets in the outer circle receive 2 passive stack and takes high damage. This skill only receives 40% spell vamp when used on minions.


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