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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Luo Yi Skills
02:53 Luo Yi Combo
03:47 Luo Yi Build
05:07 Luo Yi Tips

So in this video I’m gonna explain Luo Yi’s skills, combo, build and some basic tips.
Her skills are a bit complicated but it’s easy to use once you understand how it works.


Let’s begin with her skills.
Her 1st skill deals magic damage just like this.
When it hits a target, the damage will spread in a fan-shaped area allowing her to reach enemies at the back.
It has four charges just like Angela’s skill one.
The skill also leaves a Yin and Yang mark on the enemy just like this.
Each time you use the skill, the mark will change.

Now let’s move on to her passive skill.
The marks from her 1st skill last for 6 seconds and it has a range.
If an enemy with an opposite mark comes close, they will receive damage and stun just like this.
It’s called a Yin-Yang reaction.
The marks from the enemy will disappear when a Yin-Yang reaction happens.
Another feature of her passive skill is this one.
She gains shield and movement speed whenever she puts a new mark on an enemy hero.
The buff lasts for 2 seconds and it can stack up to three times.

Now let’s move on to her 2nd skill.
It deals damage over time to an area just like this.
It also leaves a mark on the area that lasts for 6 seconds.
The mark will change every time it’s used.

By combining the marks from your 1st and 2nd skill, you can create a Yin-Yang reaction just like this.
Unlike her 1st skill, the mark on her 2nd skill will not disappear when a Yin-Yang reaction is made.

Now for her ultimate.
The skill lets you and your team teleport to an area within her skill range just like this.
It has a casting time of 3 seconds.
You can move and attack while casting the skill.
The skill also gives 10% cooldown reduction at max level and its range will increases you level it up.
The enemies can see the animation effect on where the skill will land just like this.
The enemies can still see you if you cast it while inside a bush.
There is no animation if you teleport on a bush but you will still be seen for a short period.


Now that you know her skills, let’s talk about her combo.

The easiest way is to combine her 1st and 2nd skill.
Make sure that your marks are different so that you can create a Yin-Yang reaction just like this.
You can follow up with her 1st skill for more damage.
You can trigger multiple Yin-Yang reaction before the mark on your 2nd skill disappears just like this.
I prefer starting with her 1st skill so that in case I miss, I don’t waste the cooldown of my 2nd skill.
Her 1st skill can be used again in a short time, unlike her 2nd skill which has a 12-second cooldown.
As for her ultimate, it’s hard to use because it requires good coordination.
It’s so useful on a team but quite useless on solo queue.
I just use it to teleport to return to my lane.
When upgrading, prioritize your 1st and then 2nd skill.
Upgrade your ultimate last.


Now for basic some tips.

Luo Yi excels when in a team fight.
More enemies nearby mean higher chances of triggering a Yin-Yang reaction.

Always go for a Yin-Yang reaction to get that burst damage and crowd control.
It can affect multiple enemies and put them in a dangerous spot when timed correctly.

Her 1st skill will gain a free charge whenever a Yin-Yang reaction is triggered.
It’s similar to Valir but with a harder requirement.

Always use the extra range from her 1st skill.
You can aim at the minions to reach the enemies at the back.

Now for the last and most important tip of all.
Do not troll with her ultimate.
You can stop a Jawhead troll with an odd potion but with Luo Yi, you can’t.
The only thing you can do is to watch out for her ultimate whenever she is near you.
And since she is a free hero, I’m guessing we will encounter a lot of Luo Yi trolls today.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for this Luo Yi guide.
Do you think she will become a popular pick in ranked games?
What can you say about her skills?
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