ML Granger Rotation and build| ML Rotation Guide| Top Global Granger Guide!

Alright, we´re back with another ML Granger rotation and build video, where you´ll clearly see how this ML rotation guide works. The end result is top global Granger Guide, so I hope you´ll enjoy this intense farmfest!

We will be going trough some Granger tips and tricks, new map rotation ml and so much more.
If you pay close attention, then you´ll end up as the Granger top global in no time, since this strategy is so powerful and there are no other Granger tutorials out there like this one.
Since I´ve come up with this strategy to rotation new map ml on my own, then I had to come up with Granger best build mobile legends as well to make it fit and work. We we´re increadibly close to land some Granger Savage, but it only last for almost 3 maniacs LOL.

Hopefully, this tutorial Granger gameplay can help you on your way of becoming the top global 1 Granger MobileLegends. While learning about Mobile legends Granger build and emblems.
It all comes down to being able to see and view the game from a different angle compared to everyone else and you should be able to clearly see that in my top 1 Granger montage on my social medias.

I hope you´ll enjoy it all!

Good look with your Granger top 1 global journey!

Until next time.

//Sunday Guru

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