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Miya is a well rounded Marksman character with incredible offense and an easy difficulty curve. Her skills make her a great damager from afar and great character for any player wanting to main a Marksman.

Miya’s ultimate is best used to clear all crowd control effects and give openings to get in some damage. Its also good for the attack speed increase it gives and the ability to avoid enemy skills and re position your character on the field.

Miya Build Guide

Using this build guide will grant Miya more physical attack, lifesteal, attack speed, movement speed and critical strike.

Swift Boots (+15% Attack Speed)
Unique: +40 Movement Speed

Scarlet Phantom (+30 Physical Attack, +40% Attack Speed, + 10% Critical Strike Chance)
Unique Passive-Frenzy:Critical strikes will increase the hero’s attack speed 35% and critical strike rate 5%, lasting 2s.

Haas’s Claws (+70 Physical Attack)
Unique:+20% Lifesteal
Unique Passive-Insanity:When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive and extra 10% physical life steal.

Berserker’s Fury (+65 Physical Attack, +25% Critical Strike Chance)
Unique: +40% Crit Damage Unique Passive-Doom:Critical strikes will increase one’s physical attack 5%, lasting 2s.

Malefic Roar (+60 Physical Attack)
Unique:40% Physical Penetration
Unique Passive-Armor Buster:Basic attack will ignore 20% of a defence turret’s defensive armor.

Blade of Despair
Finally, get him this item that will increase his physical attack +130, his movement speed by +25% and Clint’s critical strike chance by 10%.

If you want this build guide to work, here is the right order of purchase. Swift Boots, Scarlet Phantom, Haas’s Claws, Berserker’s Fury, Malefic Roar and Blade Of Despair.

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