MPL-ID S7 Week 5 Day 2 [English]

ONIC Esports vs AURAFIRE! This match brings together the top team of the standings and the bottom of the standings! Even though AURAFIRE is still at the bottom of the standings, this time AURAFIRE is ready with new enthusiasm and won’t give up any points against ONIC Esports!

Then RRQ Hoshi will host Bigetron Alpha! The second week of Bigetron Alpha was defeated by RRQ Hoshi, with the new formula Bigetron Alpha is ready to take revenge to win full points! RRQ Hoshi, whose position is still not completely secure, will also not play games and will put out his best performance to get full points!

Genflix Aerowolf which is slowly starting to rise will fight Alter Ego who is falling! Both teams will try to give their best to get full points!


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