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Magic Chess Introduction – Beginner’s Guide
Magic Chess is a new auto battler game mode for Mobile Legends where you assemble heroes and battle other players.
You have no control when the battle starts so all you have to focus on is building the best team of heroes.
Here are the basics.
Every round you get gold and a selection of 5 heroes to purchase.
You’ll need gold to buy a hero.
Each hero has their own faction and role.
Building a team that shares the same faction or role will give you special bonuses.
For example, Zilong is from Dragons Altar faction.
If I combine Zilong with his fellow Dragons Altar heroes like Akai and Chang’e, they will activate the Dragons Altar synergy giving them an advantage over other heroes without synergies.
There are 10 roles and 12 factions so the possibilities are endless.
The key to winning the game is building a team that shares multiple roles and multiple factions.
A hero can also be leveled up.
If you have three copies of the same hero, they will combine and level up, giving them more damage and more health.
Get three level 2 heroes and it will combine again to become a level 3 hero, which is the maximum level.

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