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In this video I’ll share three tips on how I manage to lower my ping like this when playing Mobile Legends.

TIP #1
First tip is to change your wireless frequency from 2.4GHz to 5GHz.

Most routers these days are dual-band models.
That means they work on 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
While 2.4GHz is still more reliable at greater distances, 5GHz can open up much, much faster speeds.

You need to access your router’s settings to see if it has an option to enable 5GHz.
Go in the wireless section and look for any 5GHz settings like this.
Now I have two WiFi, one is 2.4 and the other one is 5GHz.

2.4 GHz has a bigger range but with slower speeds.
It is also the default frequency used by routers.
On the other hand, 5GHz has better speed but its range is limited.
It means you need to be close to your router when playing.
I always use 5GHz because it gives a more stable ping compared to 2.4GHz.

One more thing to remember is to check if your phone supports 5GHz.
Look up the model of your phone, then check the wireless connectivity specifications.
If it says 802.11ac then your device supports 5.0 GHz.

TIP #2
The second tip is for those who can’t find any 5GHz option in their routers.
There are multiple WiFi channels which a WiFi router can broadcast.
If too many WiFi are occupying the same channel, it can result in signal congestion.
The other WiFi might be coming from your neighbors.

The solution is simple.
Find out which channel is occupied the least and switch to it.

To check if your WiFi channel is congested, you can search for a wifi analyzer app in the playstore.
These are the channels which you can choose from.

Find the one with the least Wifi and then change the channel in your router settings.

TIP #3
Third tip is to choose ping over download speed.

I have two speedtest results right here.
As you can see the left might look inferior because of the low download speed but when you test in in the game there is a huge difference.

It’s all because of the ping.
Higher download speed doesn’t always mean better gameplay experience.

So if you are looking for a network to use, focus on the ping to see if they can provide a stable connection.
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