Tutorials How to Redeem Codes in Mobile Legends | 515 party Tickets | List of Codes

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Redeem codes in mobile legends using this app. Redemption Bud for mobile legends

RedemptionBud or RedemptionBuddy helps you to redeem a MLBB code easier!

What is RedemptionBud/RedemptionBuddy?
RedemptionBuddy helps you to redeem MLBB codes while you are using other apps.

Floating Window
Get free redemption code
Copy/Paste codes
Directly Redeem codes
Re-sizable Window
Minimize Window
Opacity/Transparency Adjustment
Share codes & User information

List of codes : 👇👇👇

Try all the codes in the list

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(every Friday – Sunday ) new codes will be posted by the admins

Music in this Video:
515 party legends by Mobile legends Bang Bang



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