WTF Funny Moments Episode #69 | Mobile Legends WTF


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WTF Funny Moments Episode #69 | Mobile Legends WTF.

[Music Credit]
Intro Song: MATAFAKA (NCS Release)
02:35 Never Stop (NCS Release)
Outro Song: 07:41 Dead of Night (NCS Release)

[Funny Sound Tracks Credit]
00:09 Whiskey on the Mississippi
00:27 Welcome to the Show
00:56 Andrea’s Theme
01:13 Slow Burn
0:1:38 Big Rock
02:13 killing time
03:06 Spazzmatica Polka
03:26 Aces High
03:39 Hitman
03:46 RetroFuture Clean
04:02 Arroz Con Pollo
04:42 Run Amok
05:01 Galway
05:20 Failing Defense
05:53 Call to Adventure
06:57 Movement Proposition
07:13 Ditty pong
(Provided By)

[Players Credit]
Rohan Roy Barman
megat idzham
Green Bear
Hazael Briones
Alexandre soares mesquita
Datome GG
Alycianni Severiano
Sakura Chån
Herald Gedan Garino
evan jones mandigma
ɢᴏsᴜ Wowerz
Jamoliddin Rakhmatov
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