Yawi's Chou Gameplay Analysis – Tank Chou Combo And Rotation Tutorial / Mobile Legends 2022

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Roamer And Mid Lane Chou Full Tutorial with MLBB Draw Event. Lets study Yawi Chou gameplay tips and Tricks what will be the META build for Chou Tank together with the Best emblem and Spell from Mobile Legends bang bang MPL Philippines season 9

Kaya halinat gamitin sa rank game ang Tank Chou para maabot ang Mythical Glory sa Mobile Legends bang bang. malay mo ikaw na ang susunod na Top Global Chou

0:00 Yawi Tank Roamer Chou Tutorial
0:10 META Top 1 Roamer Chou Stats
0:34 Yawi Tank/Roam Chou Stats
1:00 Yawi Tank/Roam Chou Tips and Tricks
1:30 Yawi Tank Chou Gameplay Analysis
5:49 Condition For Pos-4 Mid lane Chou
7:05 Chou Combo And Skill Mechanics with Tiktok Combo
13:09 Pos 4 Mid lane Vs Pos 5 Tank/Roamer Chou
13:51 Chou Invade Purpose
17:58 Pos 5 Roamer Tank Chou Early Game Tips
19:34 Turtle take tricks for tank roamer chou
20:51 Roaming Tips For tank chou

Hadji mid lane chou Gameplay analysis Tutorial. Kailan ba dapat piliin sa mid si chou at ano ba ang magandang build spell at Gameplay Tips para sa kanya?

Halinat pag aralan ang pang top global na galawan ng chou ni Blacklist Hadji. May mo ikaw na ang susunod na top Global Chou

kaya buhatin mo ang mga kakampi mo papuntang mythical glory

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