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Check out all June skin releases with date.

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I’ll be doing a giveaway this month of May 2020. Get a chance to win normal skin worth 269 diamonds. Check on the latest videos of the month.

To join, make sure to follow the mechanics below.

1. Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed yet and hit the notification bell.
2. Like and share this video in social media using #SEIYACG (FB will do).
3. Watch out for a giveaway keyword/s that will be flashed in the video and comment down below and say anything about the video. If there’s no keyword given, just give your best comment.

I will choose the winner by the end of the Month. So make sure you follow the steps to get qualified. Best of luck and stay tuned for more!

Thank you.


Tips on Collecting Rare Fragments:

Magic Wheel Tips:

Starlight Rewards:

Boosting Battle Points:

May Starlight:

June Starlight:


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