Badang Best Build 2020 | Top 1 Global Badang Build / Badang Mobile Legends *Tutorial*

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Badang is BACK in the battlefield! They fixed his bug right before his Epic Skin release in July
Badang is unpopular in mythic tier and some player completely think badang is a TROLL pick.
But I consider him as one of the STRONGEST fighter right now because he can fight head on against the current meta.
He could be the next most pick fighter! With his SPEED AND STRENGTH he can dominate the game!

Badang Best Build 2020 | Top Global Badang Build / Badang Mobile Legends (Tutorial)
Badang Best Build 2020 | Natalia Mobile Legends Tutorial
Using Badang Top Global Build
Badang Best Build 2020 | Top 1 Global Badang’s Build / Mobile Legends / Tutorial Gameplay, build, emblem and rotation.

Mobile Phone users, you can zoom in the video btw.

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Unknown Brain – Perseus (Ncs)
Badang Mobile Legends
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Badang Best Build 2020 | Top 1 Global Badang Build / Badang Mobile Legends Tutorial


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