BEST HERO To Rank Up SOLO in Mobile Legends 2022 (Most DOMINATING Heroes)

Do you wan to rank up fast again? Then you find here the best hero for solo rank for Mobile Legends, which can get you up to mythic really fast.

There are a lot of heroes that are really strong those day. It really depens on what kind of team you match up against and what heroes you allies chose. I’ve selected 7 heroes that can all be the best hero for solo rank in Mobile Legends for you.

A lot of those heroes get banned frequently, becacase of their power. If they are available, you can choose them to increase your chance of winning. Picking the best hero to rank up in Mobile Legends will help you to become mythic again very quickly.

0:00 Intro
0:19 Hero 1
1:21 Hero 2
2:30 Hero 3
3:58 Hero 4
5:15 Hero 5
6:31 Hero 6
7:55 Hero 7

WORST heroes in Mobile Legends:
How to level up fast:
Best heroes for beginners:
Best setting in Mobile Legends:

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