DEVIL TEARS PASSIVE TUTORIAL | WTFacts # 43 | Mobile Legends

Here we go! I present to you! Devil Tears full and detailed item passive demo/tutorial/guide on how it works!
Remember, if I missed anything in the video, please ask away in the comments! And practice manual buying so you can adjust to your enemies’ gears! 😀 Long Live Mobile legends!

Thanks to all the people who requested for this WTFact!
-rafael anggoro
-james madrigal
-Vain & Glory
-Mohamed Amine boustani
-Jod Datu
-Lu Ting Jieh
-Mark Polgarinas
-Ramir Reyes
-Czar Magdaong
-Ryan Shippy
-Arjie Agustin
-Arian David
-Ahmad Wahib
-SR007 Gaming
-Try Andrian

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