Event 20 | April Heroes! Jawhead All Skin | #mobilelegends #mlbbcreatorcamp #Jawhead

Event 20 | April Heroes! Choose One of Them to Create Contents!
Event Time: 08.04.2021 ~ 18.04.2021 (UTC time)


  1. Franco, Guinevere, Jawhead and Clint! Which one is your favorite April Hero? Create Contents with your April Hero to pick him/her!

  2. Type of work: no requirements. Recommended: video / stream / picture with captions (meme, cosplay, fan art, game tutorials etc.)

  3. The work submitted should be published on community plataform, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc.

  4. Work Submit time: in 3 days after you update your work

#mobilelegends, #mlbbcreatorcamp and #yourhero(#Franco, #Guinevere, #Jawhead or #Clint) as hashtag


  1. Excellent work: 200 diamonds
  2. Top work: 600 diamonds

  3. Lucky Winner: 2000 diamonds

4.Great works will have chance to be published on MCC website.


  1. Everyone can submit only one work for this event per week. If you submit more than one work, only the last one will be recorded.
  2. When submitting the work, please fill in the information completely. Otherwise, your work may not be recorded due to lack of information.

  3. Please do not submit the same works multiple times, do not steal other people’s works, moonton reserves the right to interpret the event.

#mobilelegends #mlbbcreatorcamp #Jawhead


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