How to use cecilion • cecilion guide • cecilion tutorial mobile legends

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☯️ ABOUT ME ☯️
Q: What is you name🙋‍♂️
A: Just call me Jarex✔️

Q: How old are you🙋‍♂️
A: I’m born in 05/04/2005. That mean I’m 15 years old this year✔️

Q: Where you from🙋‍♂️
A: Mom from Phillippines, Dad from Indonesia✔️

Q:Why you english so bad🙋‍♂️
A:Sory about that✔️

Q:Favourite hero🙋‍♂️
A:Chou, Hayabusa, Harith and Franco✔️

Q:You so noob🙋‍♂️
A:Ya, I know. Because I’m new In mlbb so please carry me✔️

Q: When did you start playing mobile legends🙋‍♂️
A: June.2019 because now my parents allowed me to hold phone. I’m just use my dad & mom phone to play. Sometimes my sister✔️

☢️ The old owner of this channel is ohana gaming, she gave it to me. thank you very much (sister). I plan to buy a mobile phone. Wish me luck in this field guys ☢️




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