Insane never ending game… | Mobile Legends

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Before starting the match, Gosu General notices that his team is definitely one that he’s gonna need to carry to the end. From the start, it was obvious that they weren’t very good players. Fortunately for them, neither was the opposing team. Gen absolutely slaughters them with Hayabusa, getting over 30 kills in this one match. However, after Gen dies and all hope seems lost, his teammates manage to defend their base, and they’re able to take the enemy down in a very close victory. In the end, Gen is not only awarded the well-deserved MVP but also the Killing Machine award.

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0:00:00 Carrying the Team
0:00:10 Early Game
0:05:39 Mid Game
0:12:46 Late Game
0:18:43 Victory, Killing Machine, and MVP

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