[LIVE] Regular Season MPL ID S10 | Week 5 Day 2

Day 2 will be as exciting as yesterday!

On this second day, there will be 3 matches that will accompany your weekend night. Today, you will see the battle between Geek Fam vs Alter Ego, Bigetron Alpha vs Rebellion Zion, and RRQ Hoshi vs ONIC Esports.

Want to know how fun it is? Let’s watch today’s matches from the beginning until the end!

Watch MPL ID S10 on:
️🗓️ 10 September 2022

Live broadcast only on:
📺YouTube: MPL Indonesia
📺YouTube: MLBB ID
📺YouTube: MLBB Global
📺Facebook: MLBB ID
📺Facebook MLBB Esports
📱TikTok: MPL ID
📱TikTok: JBL
📺Vidio: MPL ID

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