New Emblem Tips And Tricks By Coach Lyrick / EMBLEM That You Need To AVOID This Patch Update

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Ito na ang emblem update tutorial natin. Maiinit init pa galing sa New patch. Pag aralan natin kung ano ba ang bagong META NGAYON!

0:00 New Patch Emblem Tutorial
0:13 Basic Common Emblem Tips And Tricks
0:51 New Support Emblem
1:07 New Fighter Emblem
1:27 New Marksman Emblem
1:53 New Assassin Emblem
2:22 New Mage Emblem
3:08 New Tank Emblem
3:22 New Talent System: Rapture And Agility
6:43 Second Layer Emblem: Festival of Blood And Weapon Master
10:49 Talent For New Emblem: Lethal Ignition and Quantum Charge

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