[Old] Magic Circle Tower Indicator [Mobile Legends] Turret Range.No BAN Mobile Legends Scrip


Introduction and for ML community:

Hello! I am Haas Claw Megumin! I am a Male (*W * ) (megumin avatar) I make Friendly Mods for ML and I do not Support Cheating and I will never use them. ( I can’t even escape Epic 3 ) Im a HighSchool Student.

I do not Upload DroneViews, MapHacks, RankBoosters(Which does not work) Skin Cheats and I will never put Cheats or hacks and anything that affects gameplay on my YT videos.

I upload Texture Mods and they do not influence the gameplay. NEVER. I follow the Rules of Mobile Legends, I Am a Fair Player and been Playing ML since Season 1.

Texture mods only Give additional Visual Effects and Graphics on ML so Players who use mods Enjoy them, They do not affect other players, only themselves can see it and can look at it.

This app will Modify the Texture of the Range of your MLBB Towers πŸ˜€ Low Quality Because it is kind of rushed. But this app 1000% Works Tested on 3 Android Phones πŸ™‚

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Download Link:


If you are going to Use this App on your video,
watch this video First:

Jika Anda akan menggunakan aplikasi ini dalam video Anda,
tonton video ini terlebih dahulu:

FaceBook: Haas Claw Megumin

SUBSCRIBE to “Andro Tricks PH” for teaching me πŸ˜€ lols

Andro Tricks PH:


Editing softwares: SVP 16,Panzoid,KineMasterPRO,PhotoShop Touch
PhoneSpecs: Snapdragon 636 OctaCore,5000mah,64gbInternal+4gbRam
PC: MacBook Air 2012, (BootCampAssistant)
Recording SoftWare: DU Recorder, OBS Studio
App&ScriptMaker: APK Editor Pro, UABE

Song Sources: Neffex, NCS.

QnA Question and Answer

Q- Is this a cheat?
A- No, this is a texture mod. not a map hack.
Q- Can I use your app on my video?
A- Yes but use my video link as a download link,
Q- What if i did not use your video as a download link?
A- Say good bye to your Video, or even your channel.
Q- Who Made the App?
A- Mr.Khun and AndroTricksPH. I remodified it.
Q- What country are you from?
A- Philippines
Q- do you watch anime?
A- yes
Q- What is your highest rank?
A- Legend V
Q- Do you really need to delete the videos that Used your content??
A- Yes. My HardWork, Mine Alone.
Q- Age?
A- 14
Q- Did you deleted videos of other people already?
A- Yes
Q- Gender?
A- Male
Q- How do you make analogs?
A- Watch my Other Youtube Video.
Q- Do Rank Boosters Work?
A- No, i tried it and ended up returning to epic
Q- How did you talk indonesian?
A- Google Translate.
Q- Will I get Banned?
A- NO, this is not a SKIN CHEAT or MAP HACK.
Q- If this is not a cheat then why is the tags have Cheat and Hack?
A- For Views, most people search those things.
Q- Does this work on Classic and Rank?
A- Yes

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