So we have seven bugs in Mobile Legends right now.

First is Atlas and Guardian Helmet and this is from Rhob on Facebook.
Normally, Guardian Helmet’s heal will only activate after you do not receive damage for 5 seconds.
But if you use Atlas’ 2nd skill, you will activate Guardian Helmet’s heal just like this.
The heal stops after the mecha armor returns.

This can be used to gain extra HP while escaping.
Our second bug is related to the first one.
If you want to heal quicker with Guardian Helmet, you just use your 2nd skill.
As you can see both his body and mecha armor are healing after using his 2nd skill.
So will you use Guardian Helmet on Atlas now?

Our third bug is from Poorbarua on Discord.
Here is what it looks like.
As you can see the Kagura that picked up her umbrella did more damage compared to the one that waited until her ultimate is done.
Normally, they should deal the same damage because picking up her umbrella doesn’t deal damage unless you use her 2nd skill.
If we add more magic items, we can see a big difference in damage.

Our fourth bug is about Hanzo and retribution.
Hanzo’s body will receive high damage from the retribution skill just like this.
If I recall correctly, this issue was already fixed a few months ago but now it’s back.
So the next time you see the body of an enemy Hanzo, use retribution for higher damage.

Fifth bug is about Gusion and this is from Chris on Discord.
Gusion’s 1st skill now has a limited range.
You can no longer dash if the target is too far away.
But if you use his 1st skill, you can stack up your passive just like this.
It’s as if you are casting a skill when you use his 1st skill while the target is too far.
You can also take advantage of Calamity Reaper’s true damage by pressing the skill while doing basic attacks.

Sixth bug is about Harley and Flameshot and this is from JC on Youtube.
Flameshot’s damage is lower if it is used on an enemy with Harley’s ultimate.
It doesn’t deal the same damage just like this.
At this range Flameshot’s damage is 235.
If we use it again without Harley’s ultimate, the damage becomes 603.
Let’s do it again but this time further from the target.
Damage is still 235.
Without his ultimate, the damage is 679.

Our last bug is from Vince on Facebook.
It’s actually a Flicker trick for Aldous.
As you can see he was able to deal damage on two enemies that are far from each other.
You need to Flicker right after Aldous starts his basic attack animation.
You will need fast hands to pull this off.

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