The Choice | Lunox “Divine Goddess” Skin Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Innocence, duty, war, death, and sacrifice. Her life as Lunox ends with tragedy.

In the face of havoc and death amongst the mortals, Lunox was forced to choose from two paths:

Forsake everything she was as a mortal and become the Divine Goddess. Use the power of Sun Crow and Dragon Koi to defeat Yokai armies led by Franco “King of Hell” and save the world along with her long-lost kin, Dyrroth.

Or, she can still be Lunox, the child of House Kikyo and a gifted mortal girl. In this case, she will live a normal life just like everyone, knowing that she has no home to return to and her only family is corrupted.

Which path will you choose if you were Lunox?



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