WTF Funny Moments Episode #130 | Mobile Legends WTF


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WTF Funny Moments Episode #130 | Mobile Legends WTF.

[Music Credit]
Intro Song: MATAFAKA (NCS Release)
08:30 We Are (NCS Release)

[Funny Sound Tracks Credit]
00:09 Aces High
0025 Darkling
00:39 Protofunk
00:58 Exhilarate
01:19 Amazing Plan
01:37 The Whip
02:00 One Eyed Maestro
02:30 No Frills Cumbia
02:46 Hot Pursuit
02:59 Severe Tire Damage
03:13 Killing Time
03:46 Sneaky Adventure
04:11 Movement Proposition
04:31 Envision
05:05 Sad Trio
05:27 Aurea Carmina
06:21 Wallpaper
06:25 Crossing The Chasm
06:41 Basic Implosion
07:03 District Four
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[Players Credit]
Николай Груненко
Unknown Peeps
Cool Mirage
Mohamed Mz
Mahesa Prakasa
kingkar sardar
Nigel Dereck Alcalde
Zayev Vinush
Naga Sai Harshith
Abeto I Yeptho
Мария Юшкова
Carlos Densing
Dang Tim
Mikhail Kotik
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